Saturday, May 11, 2013

Looking for Semblance of Truth on Libyan Attack

The media has been focused, via the Republican Congress's decision to hold numerous hearings on the attack in Benghazi that resulted in the deaths of several including our ambassador. I've been curious of late just what was up with that as I find myself struggling with the Obama administration global politics - from use of drones, unwillingness to ban land mines, to unfettered support of Israeli government, to free trade negotiations, etc. I've been open to the Republican persistence to see if there was something sinister at work there.There's a clip from Bill Maher's show last night that gets at the issue a bit despite Maher's caustic and sarcastic approach. Glen Greenwald seemed to echo where I stood when I watched the clip a bit ago. Check out the the first 5 minutes for this exchange.

But when I want to get a more accurate picture of the goings on in foreign affairs, and specifically in the Middle East, I look to Prof. Juan Cole from UM.

Juan Cole Prof. Cole who specializes in the Middle East and who is fluent in many of the languages there, shows there is so much more nuance than typical reporting, regardless of left/right political views, ever shows. In his blog Informed Comment today Ten Republican Myths on Libya - Prof. Cole lays bare the politics and complexity that often evades us, especially in the murky world of foreign affairs. Worth the few minute read and you might want to bookmark his blog to stay up on Middle East and other issues he covers.