Monday, November 25, 2013

A Year of Blogging Cautiously

It was a year ago today I embarked on a blog which I hoped would provide ‘hunches’ of ‘possibilities’ that might move us closer to a vision of a better world. A world that I noted then aligned with Martin Luther King’s aspiration that “The arc of the moral universe is long and bends towards justice.” 

I was surprised that in that time I have shared 119 hunches, inspired by numerous authors, citizens, events, and serendipitous encounters of all kinds. I began that blog with a reference to some young children I had met the previous summer in Burkina Faso and how their own capabilities were constrained by poverty.

 I am pleased to note that at least on one level, with the generous help of many friends we have helped launch a social enterprise that will address the issue of safe water for some of those families. But this seems hardly enough from where I sit, privileged as I have been. I’ve already exceeded the average  life expectancy of a Burkinabe by nearly a decade!

So while I intend to keep sharing ‘possibilities’ I stumble upon this year that hold some measure of hope for shaping a better present and future for all, I’ll also be nudging us all, myself, most notably, to actually do some things that might improve the conditions for others in the short and long-term. I’m not sure what that looks like from this vantage point, but we’ll see where the intention takes us.

As I begin this second year of blogging, less cautiously, I suspect that my glances will continue to be in the direction of building a different economic system, a more democratic practice, and exploration into our relationship with our natural world.Who knows how this year will evolve.

Thanks for considering the pieces appearing on this site and may they offer you some useful morsel to assist you in aligning your own aspirations and talents to what our world needs from us in the coming year.

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