Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ideas Change Everything

Ideas Change Everything

That is the underlying assumption of this blog and so I was thrilled to learn yesterday of something called the DO Lectures: Ideas Change Everything. How I found this may be of some interest. I was looking for some recent writings by one of my favorite writers and mentors, the British Biologist and author, Colin Tudge.Photo of Colin Tudge  I raved earlier to my Mindfulness readers about his must read little book, Feeding People is Easy.
Cover for Colin Tudge's Feeding People is Easy
It is to me the best, most holistic, sustainable review of our human feeding challenges.Well it turns out the Colin gave a lecture not to long ago, as part of the DO Lectures, on his newest book, Good Food For Everyone, Forever.
 Cover for Colin Tudge's Good Food for Everyone Forever

 DO Lectures, evidently, like TEDx talks are purposefully short - 20 minutes or less. In this one, Tudge, lays out his thesis for feeding everyone in a 10 billion human world. What a breath of fresh air. Of course, many will pooh pooh his message, but it is well grounded and as he demonstrated in Feeding People is Easy, requires some tackling some basic assumptions. I think if one combined what Tudge is saying here with what Charles Eisenstein has laid out in his Sacred Economics manifesto, we have what Ronald Barnett calls a 'feasible utopia'.

My recent travels to Burkina Faso, Detroit, Peru, Senegal reinforces the blended possibilities of Tudge and Eisenstein. At least I think this is the direction we must move as a human family on a single finite planet, with a common future. Now how best to put my shoulder to the wheel.

By the way, the next set of DO Lectures will be held in California in September. Looks like a cross between Bioneers and TEDx. Cool stuff.....

Imagine a better world, then work to make it happen. we need more imagination to break free of the systems that confine how we live....