Friday, July 26, 2013

Rebecca Solnit's Letter to Edward Snowden

I have mentioned before the powerful writing of Rebecca Solnit, one of our best living writers. Besides her new book, The Faraway Nearby, she also writes occasional pieces for the website

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and many other publications including Orion, The Nation, etc. Last week she published a letter to Edward Snowden, Prometheus Among the Cannibals that is so insightful and powerful I thought the occasional readers of this blog wouldn't want to miss it. Here's a short clip, but there is so much more to hear in this I hope you find the time.

Privacy is a kind of power as well as a right, one that public librarians fought to protect against the Bush administration and the PATRIOT Act and that online companies violate in every way that’s profitable and expedient. Our lack of privacy, their monstrous privacy -- even their invasion of our privacy must, by law, remain classified -- is what you made visible. The agony of a monster with nowhere to stand -- you are accused of spying on the spies, of invading the privacy of their invasion of privacy -- is a truly curious thing. And it is changing the world. Europe and South America are in an uproar, and attempts to contain you and your damage are putting out fire with gasoline