Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Possibilitator Without Parallel

"The 20th century crisis is more a crisis of our humanity... we have come to an understanding that we have to grow our souls and not only our economy."

I was just in Detroit yesterday to help at Noah's farm and drove through my old neighborhood. Our home still looks good, well landscaped yard (probably better than ours. Of course a few down are some vacant buildings, and the elm trees are gone. But amidst the deteriorated landscapes are glimpses of possibilities. No one has worked longer or believed in Detroit more fully than Grace Lee Boggs, recently turned 98. A legend in Detroit for decades has become more widely known and revered for her example of activism, creativity, hope, perseverance, insight and compassion. This interview with her recently on PBS's Tavis Smiley show is inspiring on many levels. For one, it makes me want to live and work for another 35 years like she has. If she can believe in Detroit, why can't I? Please watch this full 20 minutes. You won't be disappointed. This is what 98 years can give you if you're fortunate to go that far...